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Dear Friends,
Growing up, I learned many of the “real Italian” values which guide our family-owned business. Values like “Always work hard,” “Always do your best,” Always keep your word,” and “Never cut corners.”
Our family’s love of good food is rooted in the small family farms in the hills and mountains of Abruzzo, Italy, in a small Italian village called Valle San Giovanni.
I am especially grateful that my mother Maria and my father Albert DiPaolo passionately believed in passing along the values and traditions that they learned from their parents and grandparents back in Italy.
I am sorry to say that my father, Albert, passed away in 2000, and my mother Maria passed peacefully in 2021. She was 90 years of age.
While officially retired from day to day operations at DiPaolo’s restaurant, Maria remained my valued mentor and confidant. I miss her deeply.
What I admire most about Maria was her passion, love, and strong personal connection to our restaurant customers. She remained 100% focused on welcoming our guests.
If you had a chance to meet Maria in person, chances are she was sitting with you at your table, breaking bread with you, telling you her many childhood stories from back in Abruzzo, and getting to know you on a more personal level.
Maria’s and Albert’s impact on our restaurant and catering hall is undeniable, and we miss their enthusiasm and larger than life personalities.
Their spirit will always live on here at Maria’s and DiPaolo’s Restaurant because we will honor them every day by doing things right, never cutting corners, being our best, and keeping our word.
With the deepest regards,
Michael DiPaolo